. Historical

The Paris International Music Conservatory (CIMP) is founded in 1925 by Pierre Lucas surrounded by the European musical elite: Maurice Ravel, Paul Dukas, Manuel de Falla, Alfredo Casella, Joachim Nin, Jacques Ibert, Robert Casadessus, Arthur Honneger and Albert Roussel

. Pedagogy

Faithful both to the tradition handed down and to the spirit of independence of its illustrious founders, the CIMP's teaching team brings together teachers using a plurality of methods which make the originality and quality of its teaching.

A private institution, associated with the Federation of Conservatories and Music Schools, the CIMP provides high-level education.

. Students

The courses are aimed at a large amateur or professional audience, without age limit, of all nationalities, and at any time of the year, from September to June.

It is also a training and development establishment for young musicians. A partnership with Bilingual School and establishments with flexible hours promote a specially adapted course.

. Disciplines taught

Piano, Organ, Piano-Jazz, Violin, Viola, Cello, Classical guitar, Guitar-Jazz, Harp, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone, saxophone, Percussion drums, Classical vocals, History of Music, Musical awakening, Training Musical, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, Orchestration, Musicology, Composition, Improvisation workshop, Image music, Classical dance, Korean dance.

. Lessons

The courses are divided:

  • In group lessons small numbers for Musical Training, Musical Awakening, Dance, Harmony, Analysis, Orchestration, History of Music.
  • In individual lessons for instrumental and vocal disciplines.

. Curriculum

Students are regularly checked by public examinations and hearings, sanctioned by diplomas and awards.

Adult sections, thanks to a particularly appropriate pedagogy, allow the musical initiation of "great beginners".

Musical creation is not left out. Associations with the studios authorize the discovery and the work of composition by the techniques of assistance by computer.

. Partnerships

According to its international vocation, the VSobservatory Iinternational Musual Paris is a partner of
- The piano school of Victoria Vourtsi, pianist and professor at the National Conservatory of Athens (Greece)
- Lebanese Music School Arts & Music of Beirut (Lebanon).