. Historical

The International Conservatory of Music of Paris (CIMP) is founded in 1925 by Pierre Lucas surrounded by the European musical elite: Maurice Ravel, Paul Dukas, Manuel de Falla, Alfredo Casella, Joachim Nin, Jacques Ibert, Robert Casadessus, Arthur Honneger and Albert Roussel

. Pedagogy

Faithful to both the tradition transmitted and the spirit of independence of its illustrious founders, the CIMP teaching team brings together professors using a pluralism of methods that make the originality and quality of its teaching.

Private institution associated with the Federation of conservatories and music schools, the CIMP provides a high level of education.

. Students

The courses are aimed at a broad amateur or professional audience, without age limit, of any nationality, and at any time of the year, from September to June.

It is also a training and development institution for young musicians. A partnership with Bilingual School and establishments with adjusted schedules favor a specially adapted curriculum.

. Disciplines taught

Piano, Organ, Piano-Jazz, Violin, Viola, Cello, Classical Guitar, Guitar-Jazz, Harp, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Drums Percussion, Classical Song, Music History, Musical Awakening, Training Music, Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis, Orchestration, Musicology, Composition, Improvisation Workshop, Picture Music, Classical Dance, Korean Dance.

. Lessons

The courses are divided:

  • In group lessons small numbers for Musical Formation, Musical Awakening, Dance, Harmony, Analysis, Orchestration, History of Music.
  • In individual lessons for instrumental and vocal disciplines.

. Curriculum

Students are regularly monitored by examinations and public hearings, sanctioned by diplomas and awards.

Adult sections, thanks to a particularly appropriate pedagogy, allow the musical initiation of "great beginners".

Music creation is not left out. Associations with studios allow discovery and composition work by computer-assisted techniques.

. partnerships

According to its international vocation, CConservatory IInternational Music of Paris is a partner of
- Victoria Vourtsi piano school, pianist and teacher at the National Conservatory of Athens (Greece)
- Lebanese Music School Arts & Music of Beirut (Lebanon).

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